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Best Study Tips especially for 10th class

Study Tips helps students to face the examinations and also to gain knowledge. Let us dive in for Study Tips and exam preparation tips.

Full form of SSC is Secondary School Certificate, which is generally 10th class. SSC/10th class or matriculation is the basic and first stage of formal education studied in India. Every student goes through this stage of school education and it is generally called as schooling.

To complete the school education and enter in higher education every student has to write an examination which is conducted by their respective boards. This examination is conducted by allocating exam centers at different schools. No student is allocated to write the exam in the same school he studied.

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Every state has its own Board of Secondary Education. The board affiliates and supervises to all state government schools and private schools. This board only conducts the final examination for SSC/10th class.

As the student will be writing the exam at other school and environment, he/she feels strange and a little bit stress. This stress will start from collecting the hall tickets to the completion of examination or even upto the results.

Steps taken to decrease stress

This may help the students to decrease the stress for any kind of examination.

Most common subjects in SSC/10th class are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social.

How to prepare for SSC/10th class exams – Study Tips

Stay away from digital products

Digital products like mobile, computers, laptops etc will engage your complete time on it. This not only waste your time but also decrease your concentration power by reminding you the enjoyment at the time of studies.

Depending upon the instructors in SSC/10th class

Don’t depend completely on the instructors. At the time of preparation, if you have more days to exam then first study the difficult topics.

If you are committed to succeeding, you need to take responsibility for ensuring that you truly understand the material. If you have difficulty in understanding then you can opt on your teachers.

Find a better study environment

Environment plays an important role for preparation of exams. Which ever environment you opt for, make sure you are free from distractions. Find the place where you can focus on your studies.

Discover your learning time

Select the time which helps you to concentrate without disturbance. Some may like early morning studies and some may like late night.

Manage time

Time management helps you to cover all the subjects. During time allocation try to allocate time to all subjects. Give more time to the subjects which you feel difficult first and start reading with the tough ones. Plan according to your time allocation.

Testing yourself

Try to test yourself when you lack confidence on any topic. This helps you to find your capability.

Starting a study group

Preparing for board exams with your friends is a great way to help and address each other’s weaknesses, but make sure you don’t waste time with unnecessary topics.

Avoid burnout

The last thing you don’t want to be burned out studying. It is extremely beneficial to take study breaks.

Most common mistakes done by students in SSC/10th class

Studying late night

Take efficient sleep. If you like studying late night without any disturbance then go for it but you should have efficient sleep at day time.

But it is not recommended, as late night study may effect on your health, it gives pressure on brain.

Studying with stress

You should not be studying forcefully. If you manage the time table then studying a maximum of 10 hours a day and a minimum of 7 hours is enough to pass the examination.

Studying a few days before the ssc/10th class exam?

There may be students who haven’t studied their whole year and not even touch their books. Such students will panic before exam and don’t understand things.

Those students go through the important topics that they need to prepare for the upcoming exams, so as to score passing marks and save their year.

Most important are the sample question papers, which students can look at to find out the important questions.

Tips before exam

Get enough sleep!

Don’t sleep more or don’t sleep less. More sleep makes you drowsy. It is said that irregular sleep directly affects academic performance. Allocate for at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Take healthy breakfast

Eat carbohydrated food or juices before exam, which makes you feel active during exam.

Check belongings

Overcheck all the necessary belongings required for the exam.

Tips during exam

Read the question paper well

The first thing to do is read your question paper well (if required read it twice), understand it. You first need to understand what is being asked in the question and how much marks allotted to it. The answer should be written according to the marks allocated to it and the answer should be written logically and comprehensively.

Use the first 10 minutes effectively

Take a good 10 minutes in the beginning of the exam to read the question paper — use this time, just only to READ. Read all the questions in 10 minutes.

Select your options wisely

While reading, mark the questions into category wise — easy, manageable and tough. This is done to have an overall idea about the questions asked and helps in making a rough plan.

Don’t worry about the tough ones

The moment you find that there are a few tough questions, never get worried. It is natural to be worrying about them. Remember it may harm your performance.

The fact is that they may look a bit tough, but when you actually work on them you will find solution to them and to be much easier than they seemed. So be happy about the easy ones and don’t get worried about the tougher lot.

Attempt Easy ones first

Attempt all the easy questions first, this will boost your confidence and then you can move to tougher ones.

Keep an eye on watch

keeping an eye on watch doesn’t meant to increase stress but to boost yourself to complete all the questions in time.

Avoid thinking too much about questions

Thinking about the questions before you attempt them is essential, but not to such an extent that you waste a lot of time on single question. Don’t waste your time by thinking too much about the questions.

Be neat and clean

Write your answer in a clean and good handwriting. Not everyone has a beautiful handwriting but anyone can write answers with proper space and punctuation s.

Remember that if your answer sheet is not clean with good handwriting, it will be unfavorable to you. Use margin wherever necessary.


Follow these tips, you can be prepared well for your 10th board exams, even with less time left before the examination.

10th board is an important milestone in your life as you may be ending your schooling. Therefore, you must make it certain to leave no stone upturned to make yourself and your parents proud. At the same time take care of your health.

Best of luck!

so, what are the difficulties you are going through the preparation time?

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