Complete Education Portal and Career Guidance

Career Guidance helps the students to make a vision in their life. Initially every student has an interest in a particular profession and they strive for success in that profession. So, they select the streams which helps them to reach it.

But most of them will fail, not because of their efforts but mostly due to wrong guidance. presents the Complete Education Portal and Career Guidance.

Every student has a goal to achieve in their educational career, most commonly Doctor, engineer, pilot etc. But there are many other professions available which are not known at initial stage of study period. is a Complete Education Portal and Career Guidance which shows most of the career options and professions available and process to achieve them.

Career Guidance at

In each and every education system there are multiple levels to cross to reach your particular destination. You need to select the path at the initial level itself. So that you can achieve your desired destination with all the skills required.

Every student should know about the education system’s levels they have, so that they can do career planning according to career opportunities available to them. The wrong choice of a subject or activity may doom student’s career and future.

There are multiple courses where they have to make selection of the subjects or activities. Students should not have confusion during the career selection process nor after the completion of studies.

One should be aware of the career opportunities, so that they can choose according to their wish but not according to situations. If you know what choices you have then only it will be easy to select among them.

You cannot afford to take important decisions of your life under the pressure of circumstances. So, you need to know the options you have.

Most students select their career options under the influence of others. It does not mean that you should not listen to their guidance but you should have control to your own decision on the career planning.

Complete Education Portal and Career Guidance

Choose your career by following this website. You will be provided with all possible ways of education system. This is a small effort from us to display the scenario of education. Hope this help you in reaching your goal.

Go through below chart once in a lifetime because you will get idea about the career options you have.

CLICK on below Categories to know the STREAMS available at each level i.e., click on categories to get further details.

Career Counseling Easy Strategy

  • Select your desired industry in which you are interested, (for example: software engineer)
  • Choose the Career options within that industry (for example: CSE & IT) and
  • Finally choose among the career opportunities you got (for example: coding, designer etc).

At each and every level of the education, there are multiple ways to reach your desired industry. So you must be aware of the career opportunities at each level.

You can also change your profession at any time, only if you can handle the consequences for changing the profession. This might not give much impact but the effect will be their. So, you must be aware of the next career options.

Education System In India

The above chart shows the basic structure of Education System In India. After completion of each level of education there are multiple choices that you can opt in.

Either you can go for further studies or you can have a job. With increase in each level you will be doing specializations in your desired field.


IMPORTANT :Do ask everyone about your career but follow yourself only. It is the turning point of your life. Take the stream in which you are interested. If you don’t know in which you are interested then try to identify the subject in which you like to discuss more with others. Every stream is best in itself, so just enjoy to learn you have chosen and acquire skills.